Wall Art Collections

Love too many images and struggling to choose? Not quite sure how to display them on your wall? We are here to help. Have a look at our current collections of acrylics and canvases for your home. Create a legacy wall from your favourite images. Have the ones you cherish the most always in front of your eyes.

“Bubble wall”

Our “Bubble Wall” comprises of 24″, 18″ and 12″ round acrylics, you can display in any way you like. This art installation, with your baby as a model, will add a modern and  unique touch to any space.



This combination will look amazing in the nursery, living room or hallway, the sky is the limit. Clean, modern and balanced. Consists of two 20″ x 30″ and two 16″ x 20″



Have you got three children whose portraits you’d like to display alongside your family image? Is there an image you love the most, that would form a beautiful wall art  combination alongside some other ones, whether it’s the colour combination or just the  fact you want to see them all next to each other? The Medley may be the combination foryour home and consists of three 12″ x 8″ and one 20″ x 30″



Simple, clean, a must have. Consists of two 16″ x 20″ and one 20″ x 30″


Prices for wall art collections start at 549 Euros.

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