1st Birthday Cake-smash

His 1st Birthday Cake-smash

Muhammad’s mum called me to book in for his 1st Birthday Cake-smash session. Unfortunately she left it a bit last minute to book in and I was completely fully booked for that month already.

A few other of similar style to me photographers were also fully booked and couldn’t book them in. Luckily one of my bookings had to reschedule due to an illness and I managed to fit them in.

We went with a very simple yet cute setup due to the time we had. A blue sky with clouds and an Ombré blue cake.

Muhammad loved smashing the cake.

After a smash we have a splash 🙂

And boy did he love that even more. He splashed everywhere which gave us great results 🙂

His mum was very happy with the outcome. And I’m so glad I was able to fit her in because she will have these memories to keep forever. They grow up so fast and all they will have left are these memories.

If you would like your own cake-smash session, book in ASAP to avoid disappointments.