Pregnancy Session

This maternity photo-shoot is best suited for pregnant ladies in the last trimester between 32-36 weeks.

The pregnancy stage of a Woman’s life is the time of changes. Your body goes through extremely demanding developmental time, and before you know it, your belly shows and you get that gorgeous glow from within.

Not feeling too amazing? Swollen feet and bloating can take away from the euphoria of pregnancy, but it’s my job as a photographer to make you look and feel amazing. Pregnancy photo session doesn’t sound like something for you? You may not consider posing in front of the camera at this time of your life something natural, but years from now, you want your kids to look at those photos and know how proud you were and how much you were looking forward to meeting them. You want them to know what a privilege it was to carry them so close to your heart. It’s going to mean the world to them.

Prices start at 99€ (session fee)

*Please note, the session fee does not include any prints or digitals.

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