Gift registry (geboortelijst) – what to add to your list!

Gift registry (geboortelijst) – what to add to your list!

When I was expecting my first baby, I received a lot of questions from family and friends, over what I needed for the baby, if they can get me anything useful for the baby or if I had a gift registry (Geboortelijst) I could share with them. I then got the same questions for her 1st birthday. But part of the fun of being pregnant is doing the shopping yourself.  I had already taken care of all the clothes, toys and baby essentials.

As a photographer who works with lots of newborns, I hear this is a really common thing that alot of people get asked. And they don’t really know what to say.

When I started photographing babies, I realised how important the images were to the families. It’s an important milestone. They grow up so fast, you don’t realise. They won’t be a baby ever again. And the first birthday is just as an important milestone. For both the baby and the parents. Let’s be honest, parenting is hard. And surviving a year with the baby is an achievement which you should be so proud of and celebrate.

Celebrate by creating memories of them. And the best way, is with a professional photoshoot. A professional photoshoot is an investment. Those photos will last forever. They will help you remember the moments you had. Study shows, when you hang photos of your children on the walls, you have much happier children. They feel appreciated, valued and loved. And what better way for your friends and family to help you create and remember those memories by gifting you towards your photoshoot.

This is where the gift registry (geboortelijst) comes in. I have a great system in place for your friends and family to gift you towards your photoshoot. Through the gift registry. (It’s just like how a ‘geboortelijst’ works) I’ve been offering this service since I started 2 years ago. All my clients that have been to me for a consultation know about it. But only now, I’ve decided to share it to the public. So those that are still considering a photoshoot with me, can know about this option and decide if they want to take advantage of it. I will explain how it all works when we meet for your consultation and planning session.

So many of my clients have taken advantage of this service and I’m so happy when they do. 🥰 they have mentioned what a great idea it is.

Although a lot of them struggle on sharing the information with their friends and family. It’s something different so it will always be strange at first. But I promise, your friends and family will be so much happier you’ve made it easy for them 😊

Below I have shared 2 examples of ways that my previous clients have used the geboortelijst system for their photoshoot, and are happy to share the examples with you all. One is for a newborn session and the other is for a cakesmash/1st birthday session. Ofcourse this system can be done with any other session you like, just send me a message to discuss it ❤️

gift registry (geboortelijst)

Here’s an example of how this family, added the fotoshoot to their birth announcement cards. I have painted in the private information.

Gift registry (geboortelijst)
gift registry (geboortelijst)

And here is an example of a 1st birthday celebration. Whether it’s a cakesmash or a family session for your child’s 1st birthday celebration.

To book a newborn or a cakesmash photoshoot, you can contact me here. I am looking forward to hear from you 🙂

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